How to gain weight

Posted by Darwin Vasquez en March 9th, 2014

pesoGaining weight is not easy to achieve , though not impossible, to this sort of thing have to put some effort , be persistent and also put a lot of dedication to this goal. The time in which you can see your results depends on many factors mainly is your metabolism, as there are people gain weight pretty fast and easy, but others eat everything and do not rise or one pound , but nearly always walking seeking a way to gain weight is because it is thin and has a bit of an obsession with gaining weight. But do not worry , that’s not bad , everyone can have their wish and desire to gain weight.

To increase muscle mass or raise a few pounds you have to take into account these important parameters:

Eat more

You have to eat a lot and especially eating more times a day , to always keep your body digesting food , you should eat foods high in protein and calories , such as eggs, meat , cheese , rice, among other foods. I recommend eating every 3 hours at best , it is also important that primarily eat dinner pretty, the food at dinner makes more affection than the other . Also drink plenty of fluids natural juices.

Use supplements and protein

It should be noted that your metabolism will probably need help from a protein supplement or you can accompany your diet, one that you specifically help increase muscle mass. There are many supplements , I can not recommend one specific that this depends more on your body, it is best to choose is that more can be tailored to your metabolism , you can check the information with an expert in nutrition directly which you can recommend right for you. Supplements are important played digest milk or natural.

Visit the gym and exercise

You to go to the gym to exercise your body also needs only eating can I gain weight, but you’d be very mushy / a of fat which is unhealthy for your body , you have to exercising and burn body fat , you have to do is focus on gaining muscle mass not fat, can become part of your body fat in muscle mass doing a series of exercises that can help you, you have to do exercises for legs , abdomen , arms , breasts and back. You can not stop exercising , with this you have to be persistent and patient .

Sleep and rest

When you are following these diets your body needs enough sleep, and download to work in a more efficient manner, that the effect of your workout , with plenty of food and supplements will force you to sleep more than usual .

If you follow those steps I mentioned above I will achieve great results , you just have to be patient and persistent and you will get it . The time in which you will begin to see results depends on your efforts and your body , I recommend you measure your weight monthly to see the differences. Another important thing is you do not want to gain weight quickly as there are many out there on the Internet who want to gain a lot of weight in just a week and yet , if you have this kind of ideas you probably will not get anything. Also these diets often requires some economic expenditures nutritious foods , supplements and gym.

How to reduce weight?

Posted by Darwin Vasquez en March 9th, 2014


Losing weight is not easy, but it is not impossible , if you really you want to lose weight you can. To lose weight you must first meet certain mental characteristics as it is mainly being persistent , have high self-esteem , to be patient and have attitude for that, because if you do not have those two qualities you will surrender very quickly and you will not achieve getting the results expected , if you are dedicating to lose weight I recommend you not to tell anyone . Also keep in mind that losing weight is not easy, it requires effort.

If you follow the essential parameters will achieve drop a few pounds in 1 month, although this depends more on your metabolism. You have to take many things into consideration when wanting to reduce body mass , consider the following:

Go to the Gym

This is extremely important you must go at least 1 time a day at a specific time each day . Also do aerobics that you are more able to help reduce your weight , especially if you help enough crunches to tighten the abdomen, also lifting weights will help burn those quite unnecessary fats you have. You also have to do strenuous activities for a while as 1 to 2 hours per day , if you can not every day you can plan at least 4 days a week.

Ask cardio

Aside from going to the gym you have to do this type of exercise as primarily run by the morning for your body to sweat and burn body fat , this is one of the most important points that will help you reduce your body pounds . Aim at least 12,000 steps a day for you to notice a good daily goal.

Having a healthy diet

Not worth it if you’re eating like an animal , you have to greatly reduce the food, avoid eating too much fat and eat foods containing vegetables and fruits if possible drink a whipped mango instead of a bowl of rice with meat , for rice fattening enough. Also try not to eat late at night, dinner is the affection that makes more weight gain and more if before bed. Breakfast is more than dinner , dinner has to be a very small amount . Try to eat only when you are hungry and no food to boots .

Drinking enough water

Water helps your kidneys to burn body fat, if you do not drink enough water your kidneys are not doing their job properly, the water also reduces appetite and causes fullness in the stomach.

Do not stop eating

Stop eating as many do can make damage in digestion and believe it or not they can do is to upload more weight , especially when you ignore breakfast, only reduces the amount of food which will suffice.

Follow up your results

Before measuring your weight, then measure yourself every month , not all the time as a / a desperate / a to see the results of your efforts.


How to know if I’m pregnant?

Posted by Darwin Vasquez en February 3rd, 2014

There are many ways to tell if you are pregnant, if you have had sex do not will have symptoms the next day and dificult a week, so do not jump to conclusions.┬áTo tell if you’re pregnant the symptoms are:

  • Delay
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the back and the back of the hip
  • Swollen legs
  • Sensitive sense of smell
  • Fatigue

Now I will explain below the common cases that occur in pregnancy where there is doubt.

Had sex and think that took ejaculation inside.

EmbarazoThis kind of thing can happen for many reasons, such as condom breakage, the situation got out of control and they did it without protection, among other things.

If this had happened and the erection in is likely to have been pregnant, but if you used emergency contraception within 72 hours after having the relationship, you’ve likely prevented pregnancy. Also If you used an emergency contraceptive rule may be sooner or later, so do not delay for that do not be scared if you got the rule means that no got pregnant, if it takes longer than normal to reach the menstruation, you can get a test pregnancy that you can buy at a pharmacy at a low cost.

Had sex a few days before or after the menstruation

Having relationships in such situations are more likely to get pregnant in your fertile days of the woman and the probability of pregnancy in these days is almost 100%, so be very careful not to use protection in those days, if you had sex in one day fertile I recommend taking a contraceptive pill as soon as possible after having the relationship, if is faster the better the effect to prevent pregnancy.

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