How to know if I’m pregnant?

Posted by Darwin Vasquez en February 3rd, 2014

There are many ways to tell if you are pregnant, if you have had sex do not will have symptoms the next day and dificult a week, so do not jump to conclusions.┬áTo tell if you’re pregnant the symptoms are:

  • Delay
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the back and the back of the hip
  • Swollen legs
  • Sensitive sense of smell
  • Fatigue

Now I will explain below the common cases that occur in pregnancy where there is doubt.

Had sex and think that took ejaculation inside.

EmbarazoThis kind of thing can happen for many reasons, such as condom breakage, the situation got out of control and they did it without protection, among other things.

If this had happened and the erection in is likely to have been pregnant, but if you used emergency contraception within 72 hours after having the relationship, you’ve likely prevented pregnancy. Also If you used an emergency contraceptive rule may be sooner or later, so do not delay for that do not be scared if you got the rule means that no got pregnant, if it takes longer than normal to reach the menstruation, you can get a test pregnancy that you can buy at a pharmacy at a low cost.

Had sex a few days before or after the menstruation

Having relationships in such situations are more likely to get pregnant in your fertile days of the woman and the probability of pregnancy in these days is almost 100%, so be very careful not to use protection in those days, if you had sex in one day fertile I recommend taking a contraceptive pill as soon as possible after having the relationship, if is faster the better the effect to prevent pregnancy.

But yet every time there chances of getting pregnant, fertile days this probability increases, but much depends on the body of each woman and her menstrual cycle. They can even vary within the same woman for her menstrual cycle changes.

He did not ejaculate inside, but you have pregnancy symptoms

If not ejaculated inside no need to worry, it is unlikely that you got pregnant, these symptoms are usually psychological fear of being pregnant and even the rule takes longer than normal to arrive and there where the situation becomes increasingly tense, but do not worry, the chance that you are pregnant before a situation like that is very low. If you have doubts you get a pregnancy test pharmacy.

If not ejaculated inside I can get pregnant?

It is very unlikely to get pregnant in a situation like that, but there is a small chance of getting pregnant because the pre seminal fluid bouncing when having sex which happens long before ejaculating. Whenever you have unprotected sex, always take a emergency contraception.

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